Home Appliance Protection Plan

What do we cover?

Washing machines
Tumble and spin dryers
If Not Repairable We Will Replaced Machine
With our Home Appliance Protection Plan we will cover four of your appliances. That means if one or more of your appliances break down we will fix it for you. 100% Free so you can have 100% Peace of mind when any of your appliances break down.

Can you imagine life without a cooker or a washing machine? Most modern homes rely on a range of household items to get through each day, but what happens if something goes wrong – and things can go wrong. Who hasn’t come home to find lights flashing ominously on the dishwasher, or water seeping out of the washing machine? So commercial oven repair Los Angeles you always found there!

If your appliance breaks down within one year, it is usually covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, so you should not have to pay for any repairs or replacement.But what if the breakdown occurs in the second or third year? You might not be able to function without your fridge, but could you afford to pay for any repairs? It can be expensive to fix a household appliance – think of the cost of call out, parts and labour. And if you have to buy a new tumble dryer or television, the bill could run into hundreds of pounds or more. thats why you need to get cover now.

A good home appliance insurance policy will have a quick call-out number, so you can quickly have any problems dealt with by trained engineers.

However, while an appliance insurance policy is likely to be cheaper than replacing a recently purchased appliance, call now.

Excess Explained
Our plans can be personalised to include or exclude excess. The excess you pay is the amount per claim so no matter how many times an engineer visits for the same problem – you’ll only pay one excess!

Unlimited call outs every year.
Parts and labour included.[2]
Call us day or night if things go wrong.
There are a few different options we have available